Playing a role in
transforming global healthcare.


At Genomics Medicine Ireland (GMI), our vision is to transform quality of life for people with debilitating diseases, including serious chronic and incurable conditions such as Multiple Sclerosis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Alzheimer’s Disease, and other disorders of global impact.

GMI is building the world’s most powerful disease-specific database of population genomics. This creates an unprecedented capability to examine the relationship between genetics and disease, allowing GMI to discover previously unknown genetic factors that increase individual risk of a wide variety of major diseases. The opportunity to improve our understanding of disease has never been greater – potentially leading to a wide range of new therapeutic drugs, transforming areas where, to date, disease management has been the only option. Our discoveries will allow much earlier identification of disease propensity, leading to fundamentally new ways of disease avoidance and prevention.

GMI is partnering with world-leading Irish and international research organisations, pharmaceutical companies, government organisations and clinical care providers. We are backed by world-class lifesciences and technology investor groups and led by a group of founding partners with deep experience in genomics including luminaries from deCODE and WuxiNextCODE.